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Sikkim- An Introduction
An Experience in Quest of Enchantment, Tranquility & Adventure
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Sikkim's greatest incitement is mountains. Dominating them all and presided over the terrainSikkim with immense dignity is Khangchendzonga, 8585m. The unspoilt natural splendor and tranquility of the countryside has made certain regions ideal for trekking.

To the adventure lovers trekking in Sikkim is an experience of many dimensions. For sheer exhilaration nothing can match the view of the mountains, which seem to reach the heaven. As you wander up lush green trails you begin to amaze and wonder at the unspoilt natural splendor and dramatic terrain. You may chance upon the shy Musk Deer or wave out to the exotic Red Panda perched among the treetops. Revel in the excitement of being part of a unique culture, a rich tapestry woven with legends, myths, rituals and festivals.

Trekking tour with Adarsh Tours & Travels takes you to Gangtok-a bustling town with the blend of tradition and modernity & further to famous Rumtek & Phodong monastery and finally to the wind swept top of Gochala-La. Sikkim is interlaced with jungle-clad ridges and deep ravines created by the raising torrent of the mountain river's speed and emerald valleys alternating with terraced hillsides & dense forest.
The waterfalls, rivulets, lakes the abundance of Orchids & Rhododendrons all embellish the land but the glory of Sikkim is the snow capped mountains which girdle it in a protective embrace.
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Flora and Fauna
Because of the altitude that varies right from sea level to summits that touch the skies, the flora and fauna naturally covers a wide spectrum. Nowhere in the world in such a small area can one find flora and fauna of all varieties - Tropical to the Alpines. Sikkim's botanical and zoological richness is awe- inspiring, boasting of more than 4000 species of plants and 30% of all the birds found in the Indian sub-continent. No wonder Sikkim has been a dream of naturalists. Dr. J. Hooker during the middle of the last century surveyed in the detail the botanical wealth in Sikkim and his findings were embodied in the publication 'Himalayan Journal' that is still considered as an authoritative document. Dr. Salim Ali an ornithologist has given a detailed account on birds in his book 'The birds of Sikkim'. Besides these there are many books available on the flora & fauna of sikkim.
The lowlands in the south, 800'to 5000', experience a tropical climate; lush vegetation such as figs, laurel, Sal trees and bamboos have been cleared in some areas for farming. The temperate forest of oak, chestnut, maple, birch, alder, magnolia and silver fir dominates between 5000; and 13000. Above 13000, is the alpine zone where juniper, cypresses and rhododendrons grow. The perpetual snowline lies at 16000'. Luxuriant forests cover 36% of the land, more than 4000 species of plant have been recorded in Sikkim. Over 600 species of orchids grow in Sikkim, Epiphytal and terrestrial types, in the tropical and temperate zones. 35 species of rhododendrons grow in temperate and alpine regions, their flowering from May to August colours hillsides.
Amongst the mammals of Sikkim are the rare Snow Leopard, Himalayan Black Bear, Red panda, Musk Deer and Blue Sheep.
Those who have lived in Sikkim long enough will testify that life here is, in a sense, an ongoing festival. In one way or the other there are festivals and festivities throughout the year. This is a reflection of the rich cultural heritage of Sikkim. A cultural heritage which combines the flamboyant aspects of Vajrayana Buddhism and the equally splendid features of Hinduism with the original animist traditions of the Lepchas.
Life in Sikkim, like in the rest of India, is rooted firmly in religion. Everything a person does is related to his faith and his daily life is governed by the patterns and customs of his religion. Even nature finds itself incorporated in this belief. The majestic Mt. Khangchendzonga- earth's third highest mountain -serene, proud and burnished in the splendour of its mythology, plays a dominant role in the Sikkimese life. This mountain, for the Sikkimese, is not just an example of the awe-inspiring grandeur of nature. Rather it represents the birth place of the Lepchas and is the presiding deity of Sikkim responsible for the peace and prosperity of the land and the people.
The major monasteries like Pemayangtse, Tashiding, (in West Sikkim), Tsuklakhang (the palace monastery in Gangtok), Phodong and Lachung (in North), Enchey (near Gangtok) and Rumtek (23kms from Gangtok) are the venue for the important Buddhist festivals in Sikkim. The lama dances complete with the fierce masks, the gorgeous brocade costumes, the exotic music and chants, may seem to the casual visitor a little bizarre. But to the participants and to the faithful these dances have their own symbolisms and meaning. Most of these dances recreate legends and myths connected with the birth of Buddhism and also represents the eternal battle between the good and the evil and the eventual triumph of the virtuous.
What makes the festivals and festivities of Sikkim more than just dry religious rituals is the communal participation. It is not an uncommon sight to see the Hindu population or those from other parts of India, in the monasteries watching and enjoying the lama dances or the other Buddhist ceremonies; just as it is fairly common to see the Lepchas and Bhutias celebrating Dasain and Dipavali (festival of lights) with their Hindu friends. For those visiting Sikkim the festivals of this place offer a unique opportunity to participate and sample the rich traditions of an ancient culture ; as well as the warmth and hospitality of a friendly people
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